Autumn banquet plan! Draft beer included 2H Drinking attached ☆ Stir-frying beef loin and mushrooms, handful of sesame and salmon sushi 9 items (4500 yen)
4050 yen

Tax-included price

Draft beer, Japanese sake, wine, various sourdies included 120 minutes Drinking and drinking ★ Boasting charcoal-grilled yakitori 2 skewers, beef loin and mushrooms sauce, handful of sandalwood and salmon and sushi, desserts, etc. A total of 9 good deals!

◆ Yuzu dipping of grilled mushrooms

◆ Shrimp and Potato Cream Gratin / Plenty of Mushroom's Napolitan

◆ 2 season sashimi sashimi

Boasting charcoal-grilled chicken 2 skewers

Deep-fried with lotus root and eggplant

Stir-fried beef loin and mushrooms

◆ Crispy salad with northern lights and mentaiko

◆ Handkerchief sushi with 鮪 and Confucius

◆ special dessert

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  • [Saturday - Thursday only]
    Banquet course 10% OFF!
    3500 yen ⇒ 3150 yen / 4000 ⇒ 3600 yen / 4500 yen ⇒ 4050 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking and when visiting
    • Conditions of use
      Reservation required / previous ticket service can not be used together / use by more than 3 people / LO 15 minutes ago / not allowed for money / congratulation
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of September, 2017